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William Shakespeare

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Some years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the home of Shakespeare. Few artists have influenced the human population for over four hundred years, but old William has, and he continues to touch our lives. The fact that he was a rock star in his own time is obvious since he had the ear of the most powerful person in his country, the Queen herself.

If you are not a fan because you find his poetry and prose too burdensome to decipher, despair not dear friend, for Shakespearean English is a language all in itself and so to appreciate him takes some work at first. But whether or not you take the time is up to you. We can at least appreciate some of his influence through these sayings which he first penned and we still hear and use today.

“Knock-knock. Who’s there?”
“A piece of work.”
“Vanish into thin air.”
“Good riddance.”
“Seen better days.”
“Love is blind.”
“A sorry sight.”
“Off with his head!”
“The world is my oyster.”
“I have not slept one wink.”
“Fight fire with fire.”
“What’s done, is done.”
“Full circle.”
“Star-crossed lovers.”

Christina Moss