Sunday Sayings

Disaster is an Enemy


We live in a time where the very survival of a great many people depends on the accumulation of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and YouTube likes. And today new friends, followers and likes can all be purchased easier than a mail order bride.

With just a few taps on my keyboard, cyberspace gives me back the world, indeed the galaxy on a screen that sparkles with virtual friends, business connections & income potential. How did I live without it?

But what if it all goes poof tomorrow, either temporarily or permanently? How would that impact each of us? I think about this sometimes. Gosh if we were worried about Y2K 14 years ago, can you imagine what it would mean today if the glitch hits the fan?

There’s nothing like a house on fire to force a quick assessment of what’s most valuable so you can grab it and run. Family and close friends first and if they’re not at home, they’re at least the first ones we turn to, (assuming someone else called the fire department).

So in case of a sudden and total cyber disaster, I think the long-term friends and family will suddenly take a front seat, if they don’t already. The emphasis will be on those most important: the spouse, the kids, the very small handful of true friends.  We’ll regroup and figure out a plan. But then why wait for a disaster? Is it not better to remember to treat them well and appreciate them now?

Copyright Christina Moss 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved


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