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Boston Bombings

Boston Bombings

Dear World,

First of all, thank you for your outpouring of love and concern. It means so much to us. Our heart bleeds for those we lost, for their loved ones and for the great city in which it happened.

We make no mistake in sizing up the current scene: regardless of who they are only cowards strike a blow, then run and hide. As of this writing we don’t know what driving force lies behind it all, but we are certain that the only want of those who commit acts of terror, is to cause a nation, perhaps a world, to cower back and live in shadows as our attackers do even now.

They hope to overcome with fear — fear of doing, fear of having all the joys life has to offer. Fear of reaching out and congregating freely. Fear of crowds, suspicion of strangers, trepidations about celebrating, traveling, and sports events. And most importantly, fear of freedom in a nation built upon that very word.

We understand the message, but we are not listening. Instead, in the wake of the destruction, we discover a rehabilitated love, not only for our freedom but for all who are good, and we are so many. We say “I love you” more often, we’re kinder to strangers, and we make a point of helping those in need. We are brave and we will not change our ways. Instead, we have become stronger. As a people, this is how we fight back. We invite you join us in this peaceful revolution.

With each blow, they wish for us to cower back. But we will not. For with each blow, like tempered steel, we draw strength. And even with this last one, we are stronger still.

Once again, thank you, World, for caring about us.

We love you too.



© Christina Moss


5 thoughts on “Boston Bombings

  1. Rena Mottl says:

    Love the sentiments. I agree totally. The Vancouver marathon is coming up. It would be fitting to run that race.

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