Downton Abbey Review

ImageMy TV gets turned on twice each week because there are only two shows that I want to watch.

One is Downton Abbey on PBS.

For the uninformed, Downton Abbey is a British period drama TV series set in early 20th century England.  And I am hooked like a hopeless junkie.

I can’t help myself!  I love the writing, the costumes, the settings, colors, camera angles, the English countryside and the time period.  What can i say?  The series was made for me and obviously, these people have got my number.  And by the way it’s taken the world by storm meaning that I am clearly no the only prisoner of this high quality soap opera.


I’ve always been smitten by English dramas.  I guess it’s because my mother is a big fan, so I grew up with the stuff in my living room.  And then there’s the fact that . . . well, they’re English!  For the most part, the English can act!  And for the most part, Americans — not so much.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

Anyway, back to Downton . . . Last night Season 3, Episode 6 aired on PBS in LA and Holy Mother of little baby J — talk about flip-flop! Robert gives up, Robert rebounds. Thomas gives up, Thomas rebounds! Was looking good for O’Brien and nephew, but now, not much of a bright future for them, methinks!

Anyway, you can check them out on the PBS website if you haven’t seen it. But if you’re also a big fan and you can’t seem to get enough, you’ve probably re-watched an episode or two on the PBS site,

Thanks for checking in!

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2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Review

  1. Downton is the most sumptuous soap opera I’ve ever seen, so I love it too. I was severely disappointed to find out that after all the hype, Shirley M. is too old and feeble to cut it. Good dialogue, but she kept fluffing lines, and those were the takes they kept. I hated what happened to Sybil, and I’m getting tired of the re-use of all the same music cues. No other complaints, and I agree with all your reasons in favor. Season Finale next Sunday – WAAH!

    Besides his screenplay Oscar for Gosford Park, show creator-writer Julian Fellowes used to play a combative neighboring estate owner named Kilwilly on “Monarch of the Glen”. I LOVE UK TV so much I chose a sattelite service based on the ability to get BBC America in HD. It kills me that I can’t watch EastEnders here, and that there are no DVDs or YouTube vids of anything but clips.

    My favorite PBS British imports are “Call the Midwife” and “DCI Banks”. I HAVE to ask what your other show is?

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I enjoyed reading them!

      I haven’t been distracted by the repeating music cues, but now that you mention it . . .

      SM on the other hand was a distraction only in that she is getting on, obviously, and I felt a hint of concern that traveling to England might wear her out. My concern was for her personally, if it were for the character it would not have been distracting.

      My other show is Grey’s Anatomy but I’m disappointed with the writing lately and now I watch it out of habit, I just realized.

      I have a new series love which I will write about when I have a free hour.

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