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Readers Are Ticked Off

I’m writing a series of science fiction books and the second one was recently published. My friends like my stories but lately I’ve noticed they’ve been a little ticked off at me.  I first noticed it about a week ago. Apparently, the problem is the second book, INSIGHT.

I was hanging out with a friend and at one point she said, “Listen, I love your writing and the characters and I don’t tell you that enough — but I’m really pissed off about the way you ended the second book! I read the last page and literally threw it down on the table and said, ‘F— you!’”

I thought her reaction was pretty funny but the truth is, I’d never seen her so mad at anyone!

And then just a couple of days ago, I was at a high school for two days for an author visit.  I talked to the literature classes about creative writing. On the first day, a particular student who was very enthusiastic about my first book, picked up a copy of INSIGHT — the second book. The next day the same student came to find me over lunch.  Now she wasn’t looking too happy — a big change from the day before.  “I have a problem,” she said. “I finished reading your book in less than a day — but that’s not the problem. I got in trouble in my last class because of your book!”

“Oh no!  Were you reading during class?” I asked.

“Yes, but that wasn’t why I got in trouble. I got to the end of the book and was so mad I slammed it down on my desk and my teacher got mad at me! You totally left me hanging!”

Last night I was at an art gallery for a friend’s opening. It turned out some people there had read my books and a couple of them even had some nice things to say about my writing. That part was nice until someone mentioned the second book. I swear I heard a growl. Fortunately for me, things didn’t get too vicious.  They probably remembered we were in a social setting because the nice (but false) smiles came back on their faces and one of them asked politely about the publication date of book three.  But through their forced smiles I could tell they were a little ticked off.

I guess that’s a liability of being a writer.  Sometimes you make them laugh, sometimes they cry and once in a while they turn on you.

© 2010 Christina Moss


4 thoughts on “Readers Are Ticked Off

  1. Sorry, I haven’t been back to you in awhile. I was overworking like an eediot until the end of 2010. I’m catching up now. I’m going to buy your book after I get paid tomorrow. If you can piss me off too, I will love it! I respect any author who has enough skill to manipulate me, and I’m a big sci-fi geek. Here’s hoping…

  2. Mikey! On more than one occasion I thought of you and wondered where you’d gone. I’ll check out your blog and say hello there, too. I’m not nearly as active here as I’d like to be but you’ve inspired me to spend more time blogging. I have been having fun on facebook and have developed some meaningful friendships there — at least as meaningful as the internet allows. So yes, only internet meaningful but sometimes even that can be enlightening. Welcome back!

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