True Stories

The Lingering Hug

I’m going to comment on something super random and kind of ridiculous. It contains sexual innuendo and threatened violence.  So, continue at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I told my husband once about this guy, the husband half of a married couple we know, who would greet me with a hug and linger perhaps a little . . . bit . . . too . . . long.

After that my husband and I humorously referred to it as the “lingering hug”. It only happened a few times with that guy but each time it was in a social setting, caught me off guard and left me speechless.

Well, today, while walking from OSH to our car, something reminded my husband of the guy who’d given me a lingering hug and he made a joked about it. I laughed and said, “Yeah it’s funny how some guys do that.”

To which my husband replied, “You mean you get the lingering hug from other guys too?”

“Oh, it’s not only the lingering hug!” said I. “It gets worse. Sometimes it’s a squeeze, followed by the lingering hug, then the sweeping release!”

He stopped in his tracks in the middle of the parking lot and frowned slightly. “What’s that?”

“The sweeping release? Well, after the linger, one hand slides down my back a little, then lightly sweeps down my side, to my waist and releases at the hip. It’s more subtle than it sounds, leaves me wondering if I imagined it and I’m left positively speechless.”

“Wait a minute!”  He’d become more animated at this point but our humor was still high.  “Let me get this straight!”  And the volume of his voice increased. “First there’s a squeeze . . . then there’s a lingering hug . . . followed by the hand sweep?”




“Any man who’d do that to another man’s wife, deserves to be hit. Do me a favor.”

“What’s that?”

In a flat voice he answered, “Next time, point him out.”

© 2010 Christina Moss


6 thoughts on “The Lingering Hug

  1. Barbara Dowling says:

    Ah yes, the lingering hug and hand sweep. Not so subtle and definitely crossing boundries. And leaving one so speechless that you don’t have time to respond.
    I think as you are standing there speechless now you do have time to respond. Hooray for your husband, who will follow your pointing finger and punch the guy on the chin!!

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  3. I’m with your husband on that one. Any guy who does that, while knowing you’re married, deserves a sweeping punch. It’ll serve as a lingering reminder. Oh, and thanks for following my blog. 😉

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