Writing Research

I like doing research for novels.  Part of it’s out of professional pride and and the other part is to save myself from future embarrassment.  I can just imagine some biologist reading along and rolling his or her eyes because I mentioned an enzyme in human DNA that only occurs in animals.

When I begin writing a story, the ideas turn on  and they don’t turn off until I get them in a word doc so I write the story first, then I check the facts later and then clean up the story.

I love researching facts.  Sometimes it means interviewing people or going to the dog pound and asking what the procedure is when someone turns in a stray.  I’m always pleasantly surprised how helpful people are when I tell them I’m doing research for a book.  The red carpet rolls out.  Really.  Try it if you ever want to be treated like a God or in my case a Goddess.

© 2010 Christina Moss


2 thoughts on “Writing Research

  1. I enjoyed reading this, and I love research so much I sometimes never do the writing at all, because I get caught up in the reading and learning and get diverted and finally run out of time and energy and CRASH!

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