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Hollywood Undead

My first trilogy involves art of all kinds so I’ve had the extreme pleasure of interviewing artists of all kinds.

I really love this part of my job.

Now it just so happens that my main character’s love interest is a rock star. I love rock, especially post-punk, alternative rock. Edgy stuff. In fact, the edgier, the better!

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Deuce, the master-mind singer, musician and songwriter for Hollywood Undead, an internationally successful rock band. His music and lyrics are about as edgy as you can get without getting arrested. And I love it.

If you’re  familiar with Hollywood Undead you undoubtedly know how big they are. If you’ve not heard of them you’re probably wondering what I mean by “big”.  Answer: their first album went gold and is heading for platinum!  You can read about them in CNN’s article here:

Anyway, Deuce has an interest in my writing so I’m bringing my first manuscript to him today.

If you’re over 30, you probably don’t know Deuce but here’s a video.

© 2010 Christina Moss


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